Early Words


Improving basic reading vocabulary

The Early Words programme teaches children at their level, one to one, in a short daily fun lesson where not only a basic sight vocabulary is learnt, but children learn how to learn. Teachers report that children who have undertaken the Early Words programme are more likely to be focused on and understand many conventions of print and work with more fluency when compared with children who have not had the programme.

Early Words is ideal for parents, New Entrant or ESOL teachers or anyone working with learners who are at the beginning stages of reading.


Watch a lesson

Yolanda teaches an Early Words lesson.


Early Words Readers


Why not follow your Early Words lesson with Early Words Readers � the perfect guided reading books to supplement your Early Words programme.

For more info on Early Words Readers:


Early Words 2

Early Words 2 follows on from the Early Words programme for students who need the ongoing support of a structured programme to learn the next 63 high frequency words. For more information please click here.


Updates to Early Words

For teachers who have older editions of Early Words, please update your book with these documents which you can download for free below.